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Our Story

KwanHub in Westlake is a vibrant and versatile establishment specializing in dance, gymnastics, and event hosting. Founded and led by the dynamic duo, Anya and Gordon Kwan, who are esteemed professional ballroom and Latin dance coaches, KwanHub offers a dynamic blend of physical activities and creative opportunities.

As a ballroom and latin dance center, KwanHub provides a welcoming environment for individuals of all skill levels and ages to explore and excel in various dance styles and gymnastic techniques. Whether one is an aspiring dancer or a fitness enthusiast, the experienced coaches at KwanHub ensure personalized guidance and comprehensive training to help individuals reach their goals.

Additionally, KwanHub serves as an exceptional event space, offering a versatile setting for gatherings, performances, and celebrations. The venue's spacious layout, well-equipped facilities, and captivating ambiance make it an ideal choice for hosting a diverse range of events, from dance showcases and recitals to private parties and community gatherings.

Anya and Gordon Kwan's expertise and passion for ballroom and Latin dance infuse KwanHub with a unique energy and dedication to the arts. Their leadership fosters a supportive and inclusive community where individuals can nurture their talents, foster creativity, and create memorable experiences. KwanHub in Westlake truly stands as a hub of movement, expression, and connection, enriching the local cultural scene and inspiring all who enter its doors.

Meet The Team

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