I am a professional ballroom dancer. I started dancing at a young age in Russia, taking part in numerous dance competitions and shows. I continued my dance career after moving to the US, and danced with my husband in many US competitions and shows. 

     I welcome singles and couples, as well as wedding couples wishing to prepare for their first dances, Mother-Son and Father-Daughter dances. I work with beginners and advanced dancers, and teach different styles and dances such as ballroom, latin, salsa, chacha, tango, waltz etc. 

     If you are interested to learn more or would like to start dancing yourself please fill out this form and I will get right back to you.



Top quality affordable dance lessons in Cleveland, OH

Benefits of Ballroom Dancing

Ballroom dance can benefit you in so many different ways. Here are just a few benefits:  

- Social Outlet 

- Physical Health

- A Happy Self


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